Sopcast Guide

What is Sopcast؟

Sopcast is a P2P (peer-to-peer) program, which means the stream is being shared by downloading and broadcating between you and the other viewers at the P2P network. For more about HTTP and P2P Press Here.

This program considered as the most reliable and common P2P program, following some tips for a better watching experience.

How to get the most of it?

  1. Go to software page and download Sopcast that suits your OS.
  2. At the event page, go to P2P streams tables then the Sopcast streams table.
  3. Press "watch" and wait for Sopcast window to open.

P.S.: we have noticed that Chrome considers Sopcast to be a harmful software. We asure you that it is not the case, we use it to watch events. While installing the program make sure not ot instaal any add-ons or unuseful secondary additions.

How to Overcome the issues:

  • Channel Offline.

    It is the most common problem you could face, the streams get canceled after a while from strat of the event. Unfortunatly the only solution is strat the stream before the start of the event. If the channel get canceled the one already watching will not get affected, only who is trying to access the channel get banned.

  • You are getting "connot retrieve data" or "connecting to channel"

    Another problem you could face, the program has a blank screen and give "Connecting to Channel" or "Cannot retrieve data" message.

    To fix it, open Sopcast go to settings and uncheck "Run only one instance of Sopcast". Then go back to the stream and click multiple time on the link, at the least one of the instances will work normaly , then you can close the rest.

  • The program will not start at all!

    If you are at work, then the P2P network access has been denied or some of the program needs has been disrupted.

    If you are at home, turn off the firewall or add a permission for Sopcat in the firewall.


  • You can open multiple Sopcat windows and watch different channels at once if you unckeck the "Run only one instance of Sopcast" at the settings.

  • You can use the media player you prefer instead of Sopcat's default. go to settings then press on "use my own media-player".

  • To have a better chance watching the wanted stream, try to cennect the channel 35-40 minutes before the start of the event. That way if the channel got offline you will not be affected and will continue watching normally.

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