No, we are not dead

We experienced about 8 hours of downtime today, the first time that we had a prolonged absence.

This will hopefully clear up any confusion, as we cannot answer all individual email inquires. Thanks for your great support.

Everything is back in order, enjoy streaming!

StreamSports listed on LaMule!


Thank you for your support!

LaMule, one of the most respected and venerable directories for streaming, downloads, and torrent resources has listed us in the sport streaming section.

We now join a list of the most respected websites in the sport streaming landscape, such as Livetv.SX and Rojadirecta.

Please make sure to visit LaMule and check out their directory of useful resources and destinations.

Internet Explorer / Edge desktop bug fixed


Critical usability big fixed on IE / Edge

A technical bug in our system caused Internet Explorer / Edge browsers to not open StreamSports internal links, and download them as .html files instead.

It has now been fixed. Thank you for reporting.

For the geeks: We mistakenly sent JSON headers instead of HTML Doctype, the cause was a rogue controller and Internet Explorer / Edge downloaded any link form StreamSports.IO instead of opening it in the browser.

Stream Reminders!


Never miss a moment. Get streams via email!

On the move? On your mobile? No problem! Now you can enable stream reminders for your favorite teams from your profile, and get streams directly to your inbox 30 minutes before kickoff.

To enable, click the bell icon below your favorite team. To disable, click again.

Stream away!

Now you can issue Red Cards


Blacklist hosts, stream reminders!

Making sure that the stream listings provide useful, working streams is always our #1 priority. A lot of you asked us recently for a way to hide hosts that usually do not work for you, or that you simply do not like.

You asked for it, and now we are delivering! Now you can blacklist hosts (domains) in the stream listings and prevent them from showing up in your list.

In the stream listings, simply click the Red X near the stream, and all links from the host will be hidden.

To unhide, go to your profile and remove the host from the blacklisted providers.

Stream away!

My StreamSports now open!


Introducing My StreamSports

Now you can follow your favorite teams and customise the look and feel of StreamSports by signing up for free and selecting your favorite teams or sports-persons.

Choosing a favorite team adds an extra table in the main page that includes the next 3 upcoming events for your team, and enables you to quickly have a glance on the upcoming games, or find streams with 1 click on matchday!

Stream away!

Changes to stream listings


More options to find the perfect stream!

We have added extra stream filters on the top of stream listings to enable filtering, sorting and exclusion of streams to help you find the perfect stream every time.

Now you can sort by language, bitrate, provider, mobile compatibility and upvotes.

You can also search, filter and exclude hosts.

Furthermore, previously clicked streams for the event now remain highlighted to let you know which streams you already tried.

Stream away!

Spanish & French!




StreamSports now has Spanish and French support!

Today we are rolling out two extra languages to StreamSports. Spanish and French are now supported, in addition to English and Arabic.

Changing your language settings does not require registration. Registration remains optional and only for extra functionality.

Stream away!

Introducing QuickFind


Start typing, and your match is here!

Our main page looks slightly different today, you might have noticed that huge text box, well now you should try it as well!

The Quickfind box allows you to find your desired game quickly by simply typing the name of the competing teams or persons.

Soon we will also add support for competitions and nations in the Quickfind box.

Stream away!

Welcome to StreamSports!


StreamSports.IO is now open!

Welcome to streamSports.IO. We are a group of sport lovers and geeks, and we are bringing you this website as a free service to help you watch your favorite sports for free.

StreamSports is a live sport streams index with focus on user friendliness and trust. Our mission is to solve the problem of trust between the users and the websites that provide the streams, and to enable everyone to watch sports for free.

StreamSports is a new project, and may have technical glitches. Please do contact us if you encounter any shenanigans.

Stream away!

Welcome to Stream Sports!

Stream Sports is an index of free live sport streams.

You can find streams for your favorite events on StreamSports and watch them live, or catch the highlights later.

StreamSports.IO - No nonsense free live sports streaming - Coded with ♥

Press CTRL+D now to add us to your favorites.

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