How to watch live sport broadcasts on StreamSports?

First of all a useful tip: Install an Adblock!

StreamSports (SS) is an ad-free website, and it will remain as it is. But the streams hosts could have a number of annoying ads.

We at SS recommend using uBlock Origin as an adblock and using Google Chrome as a browser.

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What channel/stream to watch?

There are two main ways to watch: HTTP and P2P.

HTTP is where the live stream is via server, its easy, you just need a connection to the internet and a browser.
But, because of the huge number of requests made to the server and restrictions on the bandwidth (number of transmitted data in a single time unit), it limits the stream and image quality.

Further more, streaming channels are a 3rd-party so you can not avoid the ads and the pop-ups, all of this affects watching fun and pleasure. HTTP streams affected by the number of viewers, if it exceeds the number of whcich the server can handle, the stream will stop for momments or even minutes before resuming, nad that whats is called buffering.

P2P (peer-to-peer) channels are a network where the data distribution (broadcast) is directly between those in the network (the provider/host and the viewers).Each viewer actully helps partialy in downloading the data and broadcating.

So P2P channels often broadcast the matches fast with great quality regardless of the viewres number, to watch you need to downlolad special programs.

Some internet providers limit or even cancel P2P channels, working palces usualy block the option of using this network and subsequently the programs and the possibility of watching through it. So if you are at home and your server providers deos not block or limits the network, we recommend using this option.

Kbps ar units which indecates the streaming quality, as the number goes higher the better the quality. In general channels with quality of 3000 Kbps or higher are recommend. But, somtimes streams with low Kbps could have a very good quality, so check a number of channels with different quality rate before settling for a channel.

Do I need a program to watch a stream?

To watch HTTP streams you need a browser and to click on watch only. If you want to watch via P2P you need to download a program bulid for it. You can downlaod a program for free Here.

All the programs are free and safe to download and use.

The stream stops, buffering message shows a lot and this is bothering me.

We have faced these problem countless of times. If you have a fast internet, then the problem lies with your internet provider. Also if you are watching a HTTP stream you should find a new one because the server is at full capacity often nad it is dealing with large number of requests. If you have not used P2P before we advise to give t a try. Turning off the firewall for brief time could help.

Is it possibile to watch on my mobile?

Yes you can! Some of the HTTP streams are mobile compatible, some of the P2P applications fite with Android and iPhone. check programs page for more info.

I get "Channel is offline" message on Sopcast. What to do?

After a while from start of the match often new viewers get blocked for Sopcast channel. To prevent this from happening connect to the channel early, as early as the link to the channel provided. If you see this message seek a new channel.

I get "can't retrieve data" message on Sopcast. What to do?

If you see this message do not panic, we have the solution. Start Sopcast, press on settings, uncheck "Run only one instance of sopcast". Go back to streams page and press frequently on the links that showed this message. It will open a number of Sopcast windows, From prior experience at least one of them will work properly. If you were unlucky and saw the same message on all of them, close all the windows and try again.

For more about P2P, read here: Sopcast guide and Acestream guide.

Is the broadcast realy 100% live?

On P2P the delay could get to 2-4 minutes. As for HTTP its less. But most of the the streams are live.

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