Acestream Guide

What is Ace Stream?

Ace Stream offers on demand Video/Audio streaming using P2P technology. Ace Stream is one of the most popular methods of high quality streaming.

By following these simple steps you will be watching your favourite sport streams in no time and for free.

How to install and use Ace Stream?

  • Download Ace Stream from the official website (if link is broken go to AceStream official page)
  • Navigate to the game you would like to watch here on Stream Sports
  • Jump to P2P streams at the bottom of the page, and browse the Acestream streams
  • Simply click on the 'Watch' button next to the stream of your choice
  • ... Enjoy!

As shown in the following photos

Download Ace Stream

Install Ace Stream

Click watch from streams list

Ace Stream stuck at 0% - "No active peers"

This is a very common problem with Ace Stream. Simply solved by:

  • Uninstall Ace Stream
  • Install again

Ace Stream doesn't connect

Ace Stream uses P2P protocol which might be blocked by your firewall.

If you are not using Ace Stream on your personal computer, for example at work or college etc. there is a high chance that your network administrator has blocked all P2P traffic from the network. There isn't much you can do in this case... maybe try asking politely :)

Watch in 60 FPS high quality

Some streams offer 60 FPS experience, you should do the following to check if the stream you are currently watching is available in 60 FPS.

  • Open the stream by clicking 'Watch'
  • Right click anywhere on the video
  • Select Video -> Deiterlace turn it on
  • Right click anywhere on the video again
  • Select Deiterlace Mode and choose Yadif(2x)

You should do these steps everytime you open the stream.

P2P vs HTTP streams

To ensure high quality streaming, we at Stream Sports encourage our users to use P2P protocol streams (such as Ace Stream and Sopcast), over HTTP based streams.

HTTP streams are run on a dedicated HTTP server, which can withhold a limited number of bandwidth. When such a stream starts receiving large amount of viewers the bandwidth has to be split between the users. The results of which could be video buffering, video freezes or the stream going down.

When an HTTP stream becomes overloaded with viewers, the admins resolve to lowering the quality of the stream, thus reducing the bandwidth. Ultimately leading to a subpar viewer experience.

On the other hand P2P streams are not hosted on dedicated servers. Instead users act both act as servers and clients at the same time. Meaning that viewers will be downloading and uploading (sharing) the stream within themselves.

Thus, unlike HTTP streams, when the number of viewers (peers) grows the availablity of the stream is increased. Meaning, more peers equals smoother streaming - less buffering, and no need for admins to lower the quality of the stream as a result.

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